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Random Thoughts/lists of importance to me you might not know.

Random Thoughts/lists of importance to me you might not know...

23 Underated musicians in my book. Living and Dead. (No Order)

1.) Curtis Salgado

2.) Paul Delay

3.) Pat Ramsey

4.) Chris Michalek

5.) Sun Ra

6.) Roland Kirk

7.) Satan and Adam

8.) Paul Linden

9.) Otis Rush

10.) Shawn Starski

11.) Todd edmunds

12.) Jason Rosner

13.) Shawn Kellerman

14.) Damon Fowler

15.) Gina Fox

16.) Dennis Gruenling

17.) Ronnie Earl

18.) Alan Wilson

19.) Aurthor Blythe

20.) Lou Ann Barton

21.) Deguello

22.) Charlie Jacobs(Charlie love)

23.) Big Maybelle

Favorite color: Arabic Purple

7 Favorite harmonica solos

1. Paul Delay: "Silly Smile"

2.) Howard Levy: "Seresta"

3.) Little Walter with Muddy Waters: 40 days and 40 nights.

4.) Paul Butterfield: "drifting and drifting" (from the double live album)

5.) Pat Ramsey: "Lone Me a Dime"

6.) Alan Wilson: "Boogie chillen 2" (hooker and Heat)

7.) Big walter horton: "Trouble in Mind"

Favorite Song Ever

-Opus 47 in Dm (Sibelius Violin Concerto)

5 Favorite animals

1.) Domesticated house cat (all breeds)

2.) Fox (red)

3.) Ferret ( european and Black footed)

4.) Skunk

5.) Moongoose

Favorite instruments (in order)

1. Violin (Classical not fiddle or jazz so much)

2.) Harmonica (when played well) (If not it's my least favorite instrument)

3.) Guitar

4.) Tenor sax

5.) Piano

Huge Harmonica influences

1.) Pat Ramsey

2.) Little Walter

3.) Paul Butterfield

4.) Adam Gussow

5.) Howard Levy

6.) Peter "Mad Cat" Ruth

Lesser known harmonica players I learned alot from:

1.) Chris Michalek

2.) Michael peloquin

3.) D.W. Gill

4.) Dave Daniels

5.) Madison Slim

Favorite intellectuals/poets/writers/Lyricists/activists

1.) Jello Biafra

2.) Ken Nordine

3.) Timothy Leary

4.) Jack Kerouac

5.) Alan Ginsberg

6.) Jim Morrison

7.) Charles Bukowski

8.) Tom Waites

9.) Bob Dylan

10.) Leonard Cohen

11.) Nina Simone

12.) T.S. Elliot

13.) Aimee Mann

14. Lou Reed

Favorite lyrics (If you want to know me when I am real listen to these)

1.) "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis"- Tom Waites
2.) "Suzanne" - Leonard Cohen
3.) "Between The Bars"-Elliot Smith
4.) "Ballad of Medgar Evers"- Bob Dylan
5.) "Which Way Does That Old Pony Run"-Lyle Lovett
6.) "Fighting Chance" Melissa Ferrick
7.) "Deep Song"- Billie Holiday
8.) "Burn this Guitar"-Melissa Ferrick
9.) "Aint Nobody Better"- Sterling McGhee/Mr. Satan
10.)"Echoes"-Pink Floyd
11.) "The Wind Cries Mary" Jimmy Hendrix
12.) "it Aint Neccasarilly So" -George Gershwin
13.) "All I want"-Joni Mitchell
14.) "Sympathy for the Devil"-Rolling Stones
15.) "Get Up Stand Up"-Bob Marley
16.) "Lover you should Have come Over"-Jeff Buckley

Favorite Live Performers
1.) Janis Joplin
2.) Melissa Ferrick
3.) Jimi Hendrix
4.) Jim Morrison
5.) Muddy Waters

Favorite Comedian
1.) Bill Hicks

Favorite singers
1.) Janis Joplin
2.) Big Maybelle
3.) Joni Mitchell
4.) Bjork
5.) Betty Carter
6.) Ella Fitzgerald
7.) Curtis Salgado
8.) Paul Butterfield
9.) Ronnie Baron
10.) Walter Washington
11.) Sean Costello
12.) Jeff Buckley
13.) Screaming Jay Hawkins

Favorite Cars
1.) Carmagia
2.) Old Bugs
3.) V.W. Bus
4.) V.W. Thing
5.Ford E-350 van 16 Passanger

Things I can't understand
1.) Lack of faith in a higher power
2.) math
3.) People who kill animals for fun
4.) why I keep eating animals
5.) Killing anything besides mosquitos, and roaches and other things that are out to get you or compete with you.
6.) Not wanting to know
7.) People who never ask themselves or others: "Why?"
8.) How to quit smoking

Favorite Poems
1.) "The Dance" T.S. elliot
2.) "Howl"'-Alan Ginsburg
3.) "Art": "as the / spirit / wanes / the / form / appears"- -Charles Bukowski

Favorite actors
1.) Samantha Morton
2.) Phillip Seymour Hoffman
3.) Parker Posey

Favorite drugs
1.) Nicotine
2.) Caffine
2.) LSD
3.) Crack Cocaine
4.) Marijuana

Reasons for Living
1.) To grow closer to God
2.) Music
3.) Brady Mills
4.) Cats

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DailySkewCoFounder said...

Tony Vahl here. Just wanted to second your mention of Jason Rosner -- what a great bass player! I saw him perform live several times in the 1990's, and I had the privilege of taking guitar lessons from him. He also hooked me up with a great vocal teacher back then, Kay Kramer.

If Jason Rosner happens to read this, feel free to drop me a line at -- I'm sure we've both come a long way since those days at Digistar, running microfiche and microfilm scanners!