Thursday, January 22, 2009

Harp Gear HG 50

The Harp Gear HG 50


Jason Ricci signs with Harp Gear Harmonica Amplifiers!

As many of you know I have been offered many different ’Boutique’ amp
endorsements over the past five years. Without mentioning any names I can
say all of those amps were beautiful, well made virtual works of art, both
visually stunning and great sounding in their own right. However, even
though all these wonderful amps were offered to me for free or next to no
charge, I just couldn’t get behind any of them (fine as they are) as none
seemed to suit my particular needs the way my old Fender Bassman I nick
named the ’Egyptian’ did. I tried many times with many different models to
get that ’Tone’ I had with that old Fender. Fender did not consider me a
worthy endorsement decision and would not offer me even the slightest
discount on their amps or repair service despite the fact that I was
obviously and inadvertently selling many Fender Bassmans for them each year.
I really wanted to get behind a small ’Boutique’ company and back the little
guy but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t find an amp I liked by
anyone that sounded better than that old Fender, until now...
My friend Brian Purdy has been making small ’Boutique’ harmonica amps for
years now under the name ’Harp Gear’. I loved all those little amps and so
did hundreds of other players although due to their small size, the volume
of our band, and my dependence on that one tone from the ’Egyptian’ I just
couldn’t find a practical use for a Harp Gear amp outside the recording
studio and smaller gigs. The Popularity of Brian Purdy’s smaller amps took
off and players pro and am alike could be seen everywhere with those little
monsters. Eventually almost all the other ’Boutique’ amp builders took
notice and followed suit in an attempt to sell a smaller harp Gear style
amp. After that move Brian Purdy came back with the H.G. 50. A 4/10? 50 watt
harmonica beast the size of a Fender Bassman but very different. I had been
hesitant to try any Bassman style ’Boutique’ amp as I had tried many in the
past only to be disappointed and return to the real thing (which was
actually not made as well but sounded better), but Brian assured me this was
not another point to point wired Bassman mimic. Additionally I was also
worried about our friendship should I not like this amp as he told me the
amp was built with me in mind. He brought the amp to a gig in Florida and
before I plugged in I told him; ’No matter how good it sounds I’m not using
it on the gig.’ I plugged in and after two or three minutes of knob tweaking
I was wondering not if it was ’as good’ as my Fender but exactly how much
BETTER it was. I played the next two nights on the HG 50 and then gladly
signed an endorsement deal with Harp gear! I have never been happier with my
sound, the HG 50 has everything my old beloved Fender had with a more
balanced, clear, natural, and fuller sound! The H.G. 50 amp has quickly
become an extension of me and I feel as close to in love with an inanimate
object as a person can be. Stay tuned for our new you tube video coming out
soon advertising the H.G. 50! Thank you Brian Purdy and harp Gear for doing
the impossible and making THE BEST sounding and BEST looking and BEST ever
HAND MADE harmonica amp ever!!!"


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