Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If these hamonica players were skaters.

"If these harmonica players were skateboarders"

As most of you know I love skateboarding. This is something I have done excessivly since I was 10 years old. I grew up idolizing skaters when nobody knew or cared who they were. Skateboarders were my best friends, my identity, and virtually my every thought. Had it not been for a signifigant injury (still hurts) when I was 16, I may have pursued it further as a few of my friends and many aquaitances did quite successfully I have no regrets I love my job and still skate kind of OK some days. I don't consider skateboarding a sport, there are no rules, no coaches (yet) and to me it has always been more of a lifestyle or a communitty. I do not support competitions such as the x games because interaptations of skaters abilities/styles is as subjective and personal as ones likes or dislikes of music, like my taste in music with skateboarding I ofcourse have my prefrences but overall love all of it. Over the years I have watched skating go from virtual obscurity (early 80's) to popularity (late 80's) to obscurity (early 90's) to a revisited popularity to the point of redundancy, cliche' and trend (now). Through all these changes I have continued to ride at the risk (many new injuries) of my music career becuase I love it and can't stop. Everyone who skates skates differantly...Some skate hard and fast primarily doing simple tricks but with intence power,height,distance and style, others are extremly technical and even pros have to rewind their videos over and over just to figure out what the trick was, some are innovative, some just improve on whats already been done, some look always in control while others always appear on verge of disaster. this is not unlike music in fact I would say skateboarding is very much an art form not unlike a sort of free form dance, that is the inspiration for the blog. I'm aware many of my readers will be familiar with the musicians listed here VS. the skaters so I have included video links to the skaters so you can maybe see how I drew these comparisons. Thanks for reading another incredibly idiosyncratic blog I've been wanting to write for some time yet again.

Harmonica Players-Skateboarders

1.) Paul DeLay (humerous, suprising, innovative, artful) "would be": Mark Gonzales

2.) Howard Levy (technical, exacting, innovative, groundbreaking) "would be": Rodney Mullen

3.) Kim Wilson ( Powerful, big, stylish) "would be": John Cardiel

4.) Dennis Gruenling (big, traditional yet innovative, exciting) "would be" Peter Hewit

5.) Wade Schumann (Hazmat modine) (traditional yet modern, innovative, ambivilant to trends and fads, fun, humerous, knowledgable) (Hazmat modine) "would be": Chris Haslam

6.) Carlos del Junco ( modern, exciting, exacting, non-improvisational, consistant) "would be": Bucky Lasek

7.) Little Walter (innovative, ground breaking, trend setting, bar raising "would be": Tony Hawk

8.) Adam Gussow (nimble, accurate, stlyish, swinging, modern, creative) "Would Be": Dae Wong Song

9.) James Cotton ( powerful, reckless, trendsetting, original) "would Be": Jason Jessee

10.) Paul Butterfield ( Stylish, lyrical, ambivalent torwords trends, groundbreaking) "would be": Pat Duffy

11.) Pat Ramsey ( rocking, technical within traditional bounds, stylish, smooth) "would be" Tony Trujillo Tony Trujillo

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12.) What harmonica player would this amazing rider be?

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